Interested in my art?

consider commissioning me!

You may know me as:

✦ Banescale (Flight Rising)
✦ Hiero (, chickensmoothie)

I use they/them pronouns!

If any part of this carrd is hard to read or understand, I would appreciate feedback on how to improve!

Images here are all done by me, and it will include both commissioned work and personal work. Feel free to ask me if I can do something similar to what I did for any piece here, most likely the answer will be either "yes!" or "I can certainly try!"


10 USD

an incomplete digital drawing with a single or a few flat colors and shading.


20 USD

a completed digital drawing with full color and shading.


15 USD

full drawing with elements and skills played with at my discretion. gives me more artistic freedom and you less room for specifics.

All variants are available as headshots or fullbodies.
Payment is accepted only through PayPal.

ADD ONS (additional pricing is listed to the side in brackets)

✦ multiple characters (add 50% per character)
complex designs (USD $3)
✦ simple background (Free)
detailed background (USD $3-5)


✦ Humans
Humanoids (elves, demons, etc.)
✦ Flight rising dragons (any breed, any gene. most apparel included in base price. skins and accents may or may not add additional costs based on complexity.)
Flight rising dragon gijinkas
✦ Flight rising familiars (am willing to add flight rising apparel onto it at an extra cost.)
Animals (pretty much any existing species. this includes bugs and other invertebrates just in case that was unclear. may or may not do fantasy species, depending on what they are.)
✦ Multiple characters together (additional cost)


✦ Anthros
Velvet texture
✦ Fan art
Gore (scars, scratches, and plague themes are OK as long as they are within reasonable boundaries.)
✦ Other nsfw and other topics including but not limited to politics and sexual themes
For anyone who is LGBTQ+ phobic, racist, sexist, ableist, or anything similar. I also will not draw characters promoting these themes.
✦ Anything else I choose to decline.

By commissioning a piece of artwork from me, you are agreeing to the terms I've detailed below. Failure to comply will result in me doing no further business with you, and I may notify other artists.

Bear with me, it looks like a lot, but it's really basic stuff. If you've commissioned someone before, it's probably nothing new for you.

Once your commissioned piece is complete, you may do the following as long as you credit back to this page using the link, or linking back to whatever profile you came from using the user ID. (NOT username):

Save it to your personal devicesUpload it to an image hostUse it on profile pages (this includes but is not limited to flight rising dragon profiles, character pages, user icons for personal pages, and decoration for personal user pages)Minor edits with express permission from me. Ask BEFORE you do thisHue shiftingCropping
The following is NOT permitted:
Posting or using it anywhere public without crediting me by linking to this page or using the link or the user ID to whatever profile you came from (NOT the username). private files are fine.Tracing and major edits.Creation of merchandise using the commissioned work.Resale of only the artwork for any currency (e.g. selling just the piece of art you commissioned for a Flight Rising dragon, but not the dragon involved). it should not be purposed as an investment.Other commercial use of commissioned artwork. this includes but is not limited to using it in promotional material for your business (advertisements, banners for websites, et cetera). commercial use in this instance is defined as any purpose for which the intent is monetary gain, even if it is not direct.
Anything not listed in either of the above sections, please ask me first. if you are still not sure about something, even if it IS listed above, you are also welcome to ask in that case as well.

Purchasing artwork does NOT give you the rights to the artwork. it gives you the permission to display and use it for personal interests. if you see someone that is not me or yourself using artwork you commissioned from me, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get it taken down. I reserve the right to use any artwork that is commissioned from me for advertisement purposes and/or portfolios.

Please download your drawing within thirty (30) days. After this time frame, I cannot guarantee future hosting on my end. If you need longer, please feel free to let me know and I can accommodate that.

Turnover time tends to be anywhere from a few days to one month, usually leaning towards the shorter end. If anything comes up that will make the wait longer, I will notify you. Don't be afraid to ask me for progress updates at any point!

Full payment is to be made upfront via PayPal, I will not begin your commission until I have received it.